Day 5 lemonade
I’m reading “The Purpose Driven Life” which focuses on 40 days of accepting and realizing your calling. I’ve made it to chapter 31 “understanding your shape” and Pastor Warren as some really intriguing questions about the six kinds of experiences from your past that determine you. Family experiences, educational experiences, vocational experiences, spiritual experiences, Ministry experiences and painful experiences. He states “it is this last category, painful experiences, that God uses the most to prepare you for Ministry. God never wastes a hurt! In fact your greatest ministry will most likely come out of your greatest hurt.”
I think about what I’ve been talking about in regards to domestic violence and the road to Healing. I think that when your spiritual mental and emotional growth has been stunted it is caused by trauma. It’s understanding that these types of painful traumas dictate your growth and in order for you to push through 1) you have to find a way to push through 2) you also have to get to the point where you can push through 3) then you have to push recognizing and accepting that you will get tired but to keep going. Its this last part that I am in the midst of, I’m tired but I find comfort in my daily affirmation.
I love Assata Shakur and she definitely is a woman that I see as not only a martyr for the black race but I also see her as a true hero, a true embodiment of what a hero looks like. To boldly stand before Injustice. To Boldly leave the country To Boldly seek Asylum. To Boldly continue the fight for justice through her words, actions and deeds. That no matter how long she is listed as a terrorist…a terrorist mind you! she did not blow up the two Twin Towers! she did not walk into Sandy Hook and kill children! she did not walk into a church and light it up! she did not painfully rape pillage or violate hundreds of thousands of people! she did no such thing. She is falsely accused of killing a police officer. And the funny thing about that is police officers by far and body what a terrorist is…i digress. Whether or not you believe she committed the crime to be labeled a terrorist, as a black woman who was kept in isolation for more than half of her time, I have to question a government that continues to attack this one woman. It also lets me understand that there is power in being a black woman. So much power that she is feared and simultaneously revered. So, I must push towards my power.I will become a warrior.
I will leave you with Assata’s affirmation:

I believe and living.
I believe in the spectrum of beta days and Gamma people.
I believe in sunshine.
In windmills and waterfalls, tricycles and rocking chairs.
And I believe that seeds grow into sprouts. And sprouts grow into trees.
I believe in the magic of the hands.
And in the wisdom of the eyes.
I believe in rain and tears.
And in the blood of infinity.

I believe in life.
And I have seen the death parade March through the Torso of the earth, sculpting mud bodies in its path.
I have seen the destruction of the daylight, and seen bloodthirsty maggots prayed to and saluted.

I have seen the kind become the Blind and the blind become the bind in one easy lesson.
I have walked on cut glass.
I have eaten Crow and blunder bread and breathed the stench of indifference.

I have been locked by the Lawless. Handcuffed by the haters.
Gagged by the greedy.
And, if I know anything at all, it’s that a wall is just a wall and nothing more at all.
It can be broken down.

I Believe In Living.
I believe in birth.
I believe in the sweat of love and in the fire of Truth.

And I believe that a lost ship, steered by tired, seasick Sailors, can still be guided home to Port.


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