Day 4 #30daysofLemonade 

Today I intended the YWCA luncheon featuring Mildred Muhammad she asked all of us to stand if we had been victims of domestic violence. She urged all of us who had been survivors of domestic violence to stand because we needed to show the victims in the room that you can survive. So reluctantly and emotionally I stood up and when I stood up my tears began to fall. More than two people a table stood. it was beautiful to see a Survivor to another Survivor, acknowledging and recognizing the healing process.
After the luncheon ended I walked up to Mildred and shook her hand and told her thank you. It was a relief to see a woman who had been tortured both in her relationship and then with a subsequent knowledge that the man who was abusing her was on America’s Most Wanted because he was the DC sniper. Knowing that she along with all the other survivors in the room had been victims gave me hope.
I think that me telling my story about the Trauma that I experienced is only a testament to the fact that at the end of the day you can heal. She said this beautiful thing that victims turn to survivors and survivors turn into Warriors. I want to be a warrior. And I know that I am in the making of becoming a warrior.
I have moments where I wonder will I ever be fully healed? will there always be a piece of me that’s broken? and I want the answer to be no but I know that it could easily be yes. I have a bad habit of placing too much on my own shoulders and not releasing.
So here’s my game plan. Everyday I’m going to say an affirmation to myself, every day I’m going to pray to my ancestors, every day I’m going to be grateful.

Matthew 11:28


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