Day 2. lemonade.

I think one of the biggest things that resonated with me watching Beyonce’s one hour long visual music performance is the constant references to historical and mythical people of African descent.
Today I sit pondering why so many of our Legends are gone…
Michael’s death was surprising, Whitney’s death was a blur, Luther’s death unexpected, Prince his death broke my heart.
I know this sounds crazy and maybe it’s because I’m an obsessive fanatic but to me Prince is not only a black ancestor now he is also a mythical creature bigger and brighter than anything we understand or know.
the amount of information that is Flowing after his death is amazing I don’t give a s*** what anyone says especially at Warner Brothers. prince in no way died of the flu my n**** it’s 2016 babies catch the flu and live in trailer homes with no heat and they make it. Prince is a wealthy African-American man who was a vegetarian and lived his life holistically on top of that he was in excellent shape. (did I mention it’s Prince) you think the flu is going to kill Prince?? but I digress we won’t even go into the conspiracy theory that is literally crawling through my head but what I will tell you is that Prince, prince was that cool ass Uncle that will come around every couple years and give you a little advice slip out the door and the next time you see him will be in a random place and your face would just light up.
Prince is family. Prince is a representation of Blackness. Prince is purple, majestic and enchanting.
today I wore purple,my hands painted purple, my shirt purple, my drawls, my socks. I wear purple today because I needed to feel him close to me. someone once said that every Prince song ever written was either a prayer or foreplay and I love that about him.
I wept for him
my best friend kept singing Purple Rain and I wanted to slap her face with teard. she had no idea how much it was breaking my heart to know that this man was taken from us far too soon. I never got the chance to see him live. I never got the chance to look at his eyes. I never got the chance to tell him thank you.
I’m going to make it my business to tell the people who are living how much I appreciate them, how much I adore them, how much I refuse to shade them because time and time and again when our black stars fall, are judged, are imprisoned or killed we get hyped up along with this white supremacist media and we scurry along like a rat in a maze chasing this b******* story. does anyone remember that Bill Cosby was acquitted now all everyone remembers is that he was charged with rape and it was on the front page of every major news station. No one remembers Michael Jackson for thriller or the Jackson 5 or the phenomenal things he did for human rights campaigns. They remember accusations of pedophilia shrouded in shame his nose falling off his skin peeling back, his 3 white looking children no one remember how much we love and miss him. Whitney is more angel than a human being and we forget how down she was for black women. she was black quintessential beauty and all we remember for her is dying from a crack or coke overdose and now Prince.

I’m going to let you know right now that Prince! Prince!! will not go down like that. Prince will go down as a legend as an icon does – a beautiful human being.

This week gave me a lemon but today I choose to make purple lemonade.

remember that time prince sang with the Muppets?



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