30 days of lemonade.
They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I never thought I’d be a fan of Beyonce knowles-carter. I thought I would merely put her in the back of my mind… that Destiny’s Child’s Place that I loved her.
But not today. I am apologizing to her for dismissing her as merely a troped up black Barbie to be held and mangled by white people. that is not true. she is a black queen. she embodies black girl magic.
I watched lemonade. I was touched, was hurt, I was happy, and I was sad. Most importantly I was moved, so overwhelmingly moved seeing pretty black girls expressing themselves in the most eloquent ways. seeing historical and yet cultural and yet societal and economic factors that factor into Who We Are!
I am overwhelmed with love respect and admiration I have for this woman. No I do not think she is God and I’m so glad she pointed that out for her beyhive 🐝
but I think she is a representation of Blackness. black Womanhood. Black Beauty. black reality. she pushes the boundaries of what we believe black to be by expressing not only a recognition of what it means to be black in America but displaying the diversity and authenticity of what being black is.
we come in all shapes sizes all complexions but I love how much she emphasizes the beauty of a dark-skinned black woman! full figured! that captivating white toothed smile

it’s amazing it’s incredible I went through all the motions and I am telling you that for the next 30 days I will watch Lemonade. I’ll kerp you posted on my freedomed formation.

“Having failed in all things/I enter a new age/seeing the old ways as toys,the houses of a stage painted and long forgot; and I find love and rage.”




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