I watched the Chris Rock documentary Good Hair for the first time when I was 23. I remember how he began talking about his daughters…how they thought their hair was bad. I sat and watched the whole movie and when it was over, I went into the bathroom and cut off my relaxer.

IT WAS HORRIBLE! Literally I looked like Chewbacca’s almost bald black auntie. So I then went to Supercuts to get the rest cut off. The girl was white, had no idea what she was doing and the only experience she had in cosmetology school was a book reference to a jheri curl. Whateva! I left feeling confused.

I still felt ugly. So I rocked braids, twists, weaves, basically something to cover up “the mess” I had on top of my head. I had been getting relaxers pretty consistently for at least 10 years. So my hair was not only damaged it was confused.

If you laid in bleach everyday for ten years, imagine how your skin would look and feel… Right? 

After some time, and a lot of youtube videos, I had grown it out long enough to straighten and be acceptable. I still knew how to rock that flat iron, but after some time, my hair began to break off from the excessive heat. Once again, I was confused! Now my natural hair was a burden. The creamy crack was calling my name…. oooo but Donna!

My auntie Donna saved me. She introduced me to naptural85, a natural hair blogger who had videos from her TWA phase. It was like the heavens opened up and sung to me. Her hair was beautiful, unapologetic, glimmering like the sun and black! I was in awe of her length but more so of her knowledge. From her, I started sitting on youtube daily, looking at posts from other black women who wore their hair in its natural state. I even created a Pinterest Board to celebrate my love for my hair.

Now, I am in love with my fro! I rock it unkept, flat twisted, two strand twisted, wash and go, bantu knots and knot outs…. I fall in love with my hair daily. Watching it grow is like watching flowers blossom in the spring time. My son is three and loves touching my hair, running his chubby hands through my curls. Little girls smile when they see my hair. Grown women stop in Walmart and brotha’s holla at me correct 😉 I dont have “good hair”, I have a natural extension of beauty that grows from my scalp. Being natural is healing for me… I hope it is or will be for you ….

To the Future — Vhonda

inspired by BlackThen





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