So I like it. It was okay. It’s Bull Murray, his connections, and Miley Cyrus. It was Christmas, white (looking) folks (no shade sistahs!) , and good music.

Like this is something you could turn on in the background during the holidays and do your laundry, wash your dishes, ya know…nothing to really sit down and prepare your emotions for.

Buuut I slightly enjoyed the music selections to the point where I looked them up on Youtube.

And did I mention that Rashida and Maya (Jones and Rudolph) were saaangin honieee!! I loved it! A big shout out to their parents!

I was not fond of Miley, yet that little white girl can sing. It was pleasant. But her skin was so very very veeeerryy very pale, like she was blending in with the background, the blond hair, the thinness…

However in direct contrast was CHRIS MOTHAFUCKIN ROCK SON!!!! He clowned Bill Murray: “Do you even know who I am?”  and sang in a horrible sweater. Then he dipped out.

Paul was playing his ass off and some band named “Phoenix” gave all the feels with Alone on Christmas Day.

So all in all it was alright, turn it on when you have a spare 50 minutes.


Happy Holidays


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