Jennifer Harvey, a white scholar, urges white believers to talk about reparations

“Our differences are not only skin deep,” the 44-year-old scholar told a lecture hall packed with Duke Divinity School students recently. “Our differences are the deepest and most complex manifestations of genealogies of harm done to some and perpetrated by others.”

“All over the Hebrew Bible, this is what it says to do when you steal — you give it back sevenfold,” she said.

Marinate on this. God bless this woman for having the courage to bring this conversation to a spiritual place. Reparations are LONG overdue and I can not sit here complacent with the systemic violence of slavery that still affects me and now my child. This historical memory that no one talks about is hurting us as a nation, a world, a people, lovers of God. So tell me… where do you stand?

I stand on the side of Harvey when she encourages those to look to the hurt for what they need to heal:

“Harvey resists specifying what form reparations might take, saying that should come from the wounded parties. She points to the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, which calls for cash, land, economic development, scholarships and policy changes ensuring equitable treatment in criminal justice, health care and financial systems.

Harvey also suggests environmental reparations for Native American land taken and exploited; citizenship for underpaid immigrant workers; and political remedies for mass incarceration of black Americans.” 

This is a pivotal time in American and the spotlight is on the damages of our foundation. We know that NOW is the time to begin addressing these issues in mass or we will fail as a country. This is not going to be a comfortable topic and many of us will get our feelings hurt, but at the end, I pray that the playing field will be leveled.

To the Future –Vhonda


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